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Before you go on Leave

It is important that before you head off for leave that you make sure when you come back to work you will be ready to get into it right away. Here are just a couple of tips for you before you finish for the holidays: Don't change your password.  You are unlikely to remember it when you…
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Christmas 2018

From the MTI Business Services family to your business and family we hope that this Christmas is Meaningful, Safe and Enjoyable for all.   Recently a former staff member Jason lost a child from his family.  It is a reminder of the importance of family and that life is very fragile and fleeting.  So we…
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The Best Protection

What is the best protection against hackers, malware, or any other nefarious attack on you and your data?  The answer is simple, YOU.  Just as having the most secure lock on your front door relies on you actually closing the door and locking it.  The reality is that you are the best protection against access…
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Signature Fragmentation

So what is at the bottom of your email?  Do you like the "Sent from my iPhone" message or whatever default is put in by your mobile phone brand.  Do staff add in whatever seems right to them? Email signatures can fragment within a business.  However, if you don't want this you have options. You could have…
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