Data Protection and GDPR

You would well be aware of GDPR due to the flood of email traffic from every site on the internet updating their terms and conditions to meet the EU's GDPR laws that have come into action over the recent weeks.
GDPR is the European Union's General Data Protection Law aimed and better protecting individual's personal data.

The details of the GDPR can be found here. They have also provided this PDF of 7 things you can do to be ready for GDPR as a business.
MTI are by not experts in data protection laws, nor are we qualified to provide legal advice, however should you require assistance in understanding how your data is stored we can assist in helping you understand this.

What is more important is that any and all your data is secure and safe.  Getting your system secure is now far more than having Anti Virus software.  MTI recommend that you also have:

  • 365 Email utilising Microsoft's proven systems and infrastructure
  • Microsofts Advanced options for filtering spam and malware
  • Next Generation virus and Malware protection.
  • Complex Password criteria
  • No RDP access
  • Perimeter Security

We highly recommend these measures to be installed and configured on your systems.  With these measures in place you are minimising the need to report a breach, because, it is a lot less likely to have a breach in the first place.

Please don't hesitate to contact our quotes department or speak with one of our technicians about getting all of these things in place on your network.

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