MTI Business Services offer constant monitoring, maintenance and remote support via one of our Agreements. For adhoc support of your systems, we can connect via our Remote Support Application. Please click below, download and run the application.


MTI offer IT support via one of our agreements. Our agreements deliver Monitoring, Maintenance and Helpdesk. These activities deliver stability and rapid response in the event that an issue does occur.


Being online is a vital component of any modern Business. MTI can supply you with the best internet service for your business needs. We have access to NBN, Fibre to the premises, Ethernet Fixed Wireless and 4G. MTI can deliver the bandwidth to keep your business online.

Our Services

  • Offsite Backup
    Protecting your business data and making sure your business can continue to function through any event or disaster.
  • Internet Provisioning
    Getting your business online with the best available internet connection.  Backing up your connection with failover options to make sure your business can communicate and make the sale.
  • Microsoft Office 365
    Supply and manage your cloud infrastructure so that you have access to the Microsoft 365 tools whenever and wherever you need to work.
  • Perimeter Security
    Securing your connections to the world so that only you and your staff have access to your systems, and those seeking to do harm to your business are stopped at the gate.  Also managing the content that is allowed through your network, protecting your staff from the dangers of the internet.
  • WiFi as a Service
    Delivering your business WiFi access that covers all areas of your site with quality connection, enabling your staff to do their job without searching for a location that enables them to get a signal.
  • VoIP Services
    Moving your telecommunications into the next generation of voice services. Make and receive calls from anywhere in the world just as if you are in the office.  Connect your remote sites in one unified phone system, delivering better service to your clients. 
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Our testimonials

  • Emtivac

    MTI understand where we are at and what our needs are.  They keep us informed of risks and the challenges that the modern world presents, allowing us to make informed decisions about…