Microsoft Business Solutions: 365

Your business can take advantage of our specialist skills in consulting and implementing business productivity and cloud collaboration solutions powered by Microsoft. 

New to 365?  Office 365 is a completely modernized platform designed to meet your constantly changing business needs. It delivers rich features and cloud service innovation that businesses are adopting at an accelerated rate.  See what Microsoft have to say here.

MTI Business Services offers all licence types, both Office 365 and the lesser talked about but often more appropriate Microsoft 365.


Do I need to think about backup for 365?

Companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce handle invaluable business data responsibility for many companies. They can be trusted with your data and a breach or outage on their end is highly unlikely. However, when it comes to user error, malicious attacks, compliance issues, user management, and ransomcloud, we need 3rd party options that provide a more sophisticated and redundant approach.

We suggest that 365 does have a 3rd party backup solution applied.

 Like any tool, knowing how to use it is key.   Let’s talk, making sure you're on the right plan and have had the training needed to get the most out of your 365 environment.

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