Phone Solutions

Business telephony solutions

MTI Business Services offers a range of fully featured, cloud based Internet Voice Phone System to manage the needs of businesses across multiple sites and geographical locations.

Hosted voice systems give your business more functionality than traditional physical phone systems. We can help design and configure a call system for any business size and geographical complexity. Call analytics, easy set-up and modification make your system the business asset it is meant to be.

Modern desktop handsets have huge functionality lists. Make sure your phone system is up to the task of utilising your investment in hardware.

We have call plans and voice bundles to suit all business sizes and types.

We offer a range of Voice Services including:

  • SIP Trunks/Accounts for connection to IP PBX and other VoIP Based Equipment
  • Cloud/Hosted PBX Services
  • Dedicated Voice Only Access Tails
  • Inbound 13/1300/1800 for number solutions for Australia and 0800 number solutions for New Zealand.
  • Call Termination and Origination (CTS)