Failover Internet

The best internet connection can have issues and when it goes down it means that business stops, MTI have a failover internet option that means your business can keep moving even when the main connection goes down.

I would like to introduce you to MTI’s 4G Fail Over Service and provide information to allow for a better understanding of the importance of utilizing such a service.

The Facts

The world is ever changing and new technologies are on the horizon every day. We embrace these new technologies to enhance our business and stay ahead of the competition. We find that the majority of these technologies are cloud based. Some companies having their entire computing environment in the cloud, some are hybrid, having a mixture of cloud and on premise equipment, and some have not yet made the move to the cloud. But even in these instances, there is a need to have reliable access to the internet, if only for email, remote workers and social media platforms. Whatever the need; in this day and age; no internet means business stops or is seriously hampered.

What is it?

So what is a 4G Fail Over Service? The 4G is the same connection type we use when talking about mobile phones. The service uses a SIM card like a mobile phone, and connects you to the internet via a wireless router. The Fail Over means automatic switching. The service provides an automatic backup internet connection in the event that your main internet service goes offline. Internet connections are more reliable these days and will generally have redundancies built in, but that does not mean that they are not going to fail at same point; the reality is that they do.

How it works

If your current router supports it and is correctly configured, it will sense a disconnection from the main internet service and auto switch to the failover service, providing a backup 4G connection to the internet. Once the main connection is restored, the 4G connection will revert control back to the to the main connection. The 4G service is always active but only passes data when in use. This service is designed to be a temporary solution and the connection does provide ample bandwidth for general computing purposes, although actual bandwidth availability may vary from site to site based on proximity to phone towers.

Therefore, if your business is in the cloud, has IP based phone systems or any other service that relies on a persistent internet connection to function, it is not a choice but a necessity to implement a failover service for your internet.

Service components

The 4G Fail Over Service is inclusive of the following features and pricing below is based on a minimum 24 month contract.

  1. 1. 4G Wireless Router
  2. 2. Wireless Internet Services
  3. 3. 30GB data per month

Monthly Subscription

$85.00 per month Ex GST. – (Monthly subscription over 24 months)

Once Off Setup and Configuration Fee $250.00 Ex GST


WIFI as a Service

As technology moves ahead, more devices come equipped with the ability to connect to a WiFi network (WLAN).  In turn the reliability of a WiFi network becomes increasingly important.

Introducing MTI’s WiFi aaS  

MTI’s WiFi As a Service (WaaS) is a fully managed service that allows your business to maximise the potential of using a WiFi network, without having to deal with the hassles of keeping the infrastructure up-to-date, dealing with faulty equipment and applying security policies that protect your network.

This managed service is achieved via each individual Access Point reporting back to MTI’s cloud based administration console.  Monitoring, Reporting, Alerting and updates are all performed via our team, in most cases remotely without you even having to think about it!

Should hardware fail, we support the system, right through to replacement of Hardware.

What are the benefits?

  • Reliability:  If an access point in the office fails, in the traditional setup thorough investigations would need to be carried out usually onsite, to determine the cause of the WiFi not working in that particular area.  This downtime impacts the user’s ability to perform their duties.  Via this service, the fault is immediately identified, and we can quickly work towards rectifying the issue.
  • Security: Did you know that Routers and Access Points can be released to the public with software issues and vulnerabilities that can allow people from outside of your organization to log into your network? Using our service, we will keep the Access Points up to date, this means that any known issues are fixed up before it becomes a major security breach.
  • Performance: As manufactures tweak the software platforms for their hardware, performance enhancements are written and released.  Again, keeping on top of these items means that your WiFi Network is performing at an optimal speed. Using our service, we will keep the software updated.
  • Monitoring: Our service lets us know when things are not going well.  This could be in the form of failed hardware, knowing the issue we can quickly respond and address the root cause.
  • Reporting: Reporting can show us what areas are being over or underutilised. Traffic consumption, performance figures and more.
  • Guest WiFi:  Allows someone to connect to your WiFi as a guest, giving them internet access however no access to your network.  Often used for contractors.
  • Customised Policies: Allows multiple users and devices to connect securely to the network according to your access policies.
  • Upgrade Policy:  As new technology becomes available and when your end points can utilise this technology, we will then roll out the new hardware as part of this managed service.


There are no setup fees for the managed service itself, however the installation of the physical hardware will be quoted on a case by case basis.

This is due to varying building/factory designs that could require machinery, electricians, and various equipment to setup the Router or AP

Already running suitable WiFi Access points? Not a problem, we have a plan to allow you to tap into the benefits available through this managed service.

Pricing is per AP per month, with 3 default options available:   Lite: $38.66, PRO $45.08 and BYO $28.00

How to get started:

A recommended approach to the design of a WiFi network is to have a matrix of Access points that overlap coverage areas.  There is also a maximum number of devices per Access point to consider.  Heat maps often help mapping out what sort and where access point need to go. And then there is the types of devices that are attaching to the network.  It is for these types of reasons and the fact that most business have different internal requirements, that at this point we are best off to go over what the exact requirements and objectives are with you.

Now that we have given you an introduction, let's make a time to sign you up.

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