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Failover Internet

The best internet connection can have issues and when it goes down it means that business stops, MTI have a failover internet option that means your business can keep moving even when the main connection goes down. I would like to introduce you to MTI’s 4G Fail Over Service and provide information to allow for…
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Internet connections

It is a fact of life that in the modern connected world we need internet connections that are stable and fast. MTI are able to design and supply the right internet for your business.  We have available NBN Business Grade Fibre to the Premises Ethernet Fixed Wireless 4G
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Business Continuity and Backup

Losing your Business Data may be the end of your business.  Statistics are that 60% of businesses that are hacked close within 6 months.  Without backups of your data a breach, encryption or corruption there is no way to restore your data.  MTI backup solutions is the answer to this issue. Why would my business…
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