Signature Fragmentation

So what is at the bottom of your email?  Do you like the "Sent from my iPhone" message or whatever default is put in by your mobile phone brand.  Do staff add in whatever seems right to them? Email signatures can fragment within a business.  However, if you don't want this you have options.
You could have one person go around and change every users signature to be correct and then hope no one changes them.
You could implement strict policies that outline the exact design for your signature and ask each employee to make this change.
These solutions do not fix the mobile phone and tablet world, they leave interpretation still available for staff to make, and let's be honest the sales team are better selling than making sure the font size of their signature is not set to Comic Sans 14 point.

The best option would be to call MTI and have us implement a signature solution for your email system.  This will add in your signature design for every platform that a user uses.  Send an email from their phone and the signature is correct, send an email from a web browser and the signature is correct, even if they use Outlook the signature will be correct.

  • Ensure brand consistency by adding your corporate logo.
  • Include linkable promotional banners for important company news.
  • Track link clicks with dedicated URLs to capture data.
  • Promote award wins with HTML images.
  • Choose from 40+ social media icons (or use your own).
  • Apply a time & date range for signature campaigns.
  • Use your company’s custom font.

So give MTI a call and stop the fragmentation of your email signatures.

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